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Special Race turbo pricing

BD Diesel Performance is actively involved in Diesel Racing and Sled pulling, to help Promote the sport we are pleased to offer Special pricing on our race Turbos. These are not box Turbos, you

2006 cummins ecm cleaning help

I have a 2006 5.9 CTD I have an intermittent camshaft performance CEL. I have replaced sensor , checked all grounds cleaned and replaced batterys and found out that when I press on the ecm harness on

Can Your Finances Afford That Mortgage?

Mortgage and the availability of cheap monthly installment options can influence people into buying a house they can’t really afford. One of the most important questions you need to

On the Hugo Awards: Two Scholarly-ish Projects to Come (An Announcement)

As you may well be aware, I am currently working on two projects related to the Hugo Awards.  I know Ive mentioned both of these at some point, though the second is certainly the most visible of

NSA’s Mass Surveillance Started By 1999 Or Earlier … But NSA Hid It From Congress

It has been well-documented that the government conducted mass surveillance on Americans before 9/11. Now Diane Roark – the congressional staffer in charge of overseeing the NSA for the

Shashi and Anu Ranjan turn producers for fiction show on television!

Shashi Ranjan and Anu Ranjan are set to debut with their fiction comedy show on SAB TV. read more

Ridhi Dogra Vashisth turns creative for music video O Meri Jaan!

Ridhi Dogra Vashisth talks about her stint as a creative for the music video O Meri Jaan... read more

Owler: This Startup is Revolutionizing Company Data

Here’s how Owler is making data giants obsolete. San Mateo, California — Owler, the world’s leading online source for free competitive intelligence, is announcing today that it now has

Wealthy Gay Tory Running for Mayor of London

Not sure if there is such a things as a British conservative as the Tories are all-in on Anthropogenic Global Warming, socialized health care, gun control, and unlimited immigration (legal and

Education week-in-review: charter schools need more space and more freedom

By Paul Brennan | Watchdog.org From Washington D.C., where charter schools are squeezed for space, to Wisconsin, where more freedom is leading to better results for charter school students, it’s

In Massachusetts, anti-fracking activists try to stop nonexistent fracking

By Peter Ingemi | Watchdog Arena One of the few bright spots of the economy is the fracking boom, which as I wrote in January, happened despite the federal government’s best efforts : “As energy

Celebright’s Fly Swatter Gains Appreciation From Customers Who Are Satisfied Of Their Product

(EMAILWIRE.COM, May 29, 2015 ) Phoenix, Arizona -- Looking at the happy expressions of satisfied customers is probably the best scene to happen for a company that is only aiming for the contentment

Global Glyphosate 62 % IPA Salt Industry 2015 Market Research Report

(EMAILWIRE.COM, May 29, 2015 ) Miami, FL -- The industry chain of the international and China Glyphosate 62 % IPA Salt market is analyzed at depth in the report titled “Global Glyphosate 62 % IPA Salt

​Psychoactive substances ban ‘disastrous’ for scientific research – ex-drug adviser

A UK-wide ban on psychoactive substances will make medical research into Parkinson’s disease “very difficult,” a prominent drugs expert and former government advisor has warned. Read Full Article at

Marauders Map: App exposes ease of tracking Facebook Messenger users

If you value privacy, you may want to think twice before using Facebook Messenger. A new extension for Chrome has revealed just how much location data is shared through the app – and its enough to

Croatian lawmakers approve law that compensates rape victims from war in 1990s

Croatian lawmakers have passed a bill that compensates the victims of rape during the countrys war for independence more than twenty years ago — a move hailed as a late but important step in

Former Tajik police commander claims to have joined Islamic State group, calls for insurgency

Tajikistan authorities have opened an investigation into a high-ranking police official who allegedly has joined the Islamic State group in Syria and is calling for former comrades to rise up against

Neither the Tories or the SNP are effectively dealing with FOBTs

As the last Parliament closed, Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) remained one of the “ barnacles ” on the Tory boat that they failed to remove in advance of the general election. In the final

Five lessons for 2020

I joined our party four and a half years ago, having realised that Labour alone can deliver a government that marries social justice with economic stability, and aspiration with equality of

New drug laws will be disastrous for medical research, say experts

  Drug researchers are warning today that the new government bill banning legal highs could be ‘disastrous’ for brain research. The Psychoactive Substances Bill  published today

Boris’ Johnson’s poor planning has let rogue landlords off the hook

  The original purpose of the London Rental Standard (LRS) – to drive up standards in the private rented sector – is commendable. But by insisting that the standard be voluntary,

Flashback to 2006: Dennis Hastert helped cover up a teen sex abuse scandal

Dennis Hastert Dennis Hastert looked like the clean member of Republican House leadership in the late 1990s and early 2000s. He didnt have affairs, that we knew of, like Newt Gingrich or

Cartoon: Mitch McConnell and Snuggly the Security Bear Beg to Spy

Is this the end of our domestic spying pal, Snuggly the Security Bear? Most likely not.  Snuggly will probably still be in business and up to his usual tricks, he just may have to work

Clarity Is Improving (Slightly)

When the “embassy” in Benghazi was attacked I said at the time that the available public information did not support any part of the government narrative, but rather was consistent

A Liberian Hospital After Ebola

In the wake of the epidemic, Liberian healthcare facilities have overhauled the way they handle infectious disease. But as resources and attention wane, can the country’s health system sustain these