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The Big Fight-Sisterdale

Jack Hays Big Fight at Walkers Creek In Sisterdale, on Sunday June 8th, historical enthusiasts from across Kendall County and beyond are observing the 170th anniversary of the battle of Walkers

2014 Garden Update

Maytime Revels in the Garden by Celia Hayes Having been pretty serious about watering the garden every day – and that it rained buckets for a couple of days – the back yard veggie garden is

Gardens and Dog Parks and Market Days

Of Gardens and Dog Parks and Market Days, Oh, My by Celia Hayes Alas, now that it was in the high 90s on Sunday afternoon, I must yield and submit to summer. Yes, its here. Likely I will not


Hill Country Venture by Celia Hayes So, knowing that on Saturday, May 10, that we will be tied up all day in the hot-pink-and-zebra-striped booth in the Bealls parking lot at 281 and Bulverde

Bulverde and Spring Branch Market Days

Beautiful Bulverde by Celia Hayes This last Saturday was spent at the Bulverde and Spring Branch Chamber of Commerces Spring Market Day – and my daughter and I spent all of Saturday among more

Hanging Gardens of Spring Creek Forest

The Splendid Hanging Gardens of Spring Creek Forest – Spring 2014 by Celia Hayes  All right then – I confess that after last year’s disastrous tomato adventure – in which that which wasn’t

San Antonio Book Festival

In the Shade of the Big Enchilada By Celia Hayes Well, that is the fond nickname given to the Central Library building in downtown San Antonio – a hulking cube with geometric cut-outs, painted

Renaissance Fair

Ren Faire by Celia Hayes Ive always thought there was a need in these mostly settled American late 20th century time for people to dress up and be something else for a while. There are local

The Smell of Chili

I Love the Smell of Chili in the Morning ... For much of the 19th century and into the early Twentieth, this was a popular San Antonio thing – various of the public squares, notably Military Plaza

Gotta Have Heart

You Gotta Have Heart Ah, yes – Fiesta Time is here once again; San Antonios very own Mardi Gras but with more couth. Or at least we like to think so. Around here, when the floats with the Fiesta

Comfort Food – Part 2

Comfort Food – Part 2 It seems, we were having winter during the week, and something like spring on the weekends. It was warm enough to get out and do a little yard work and consider all those

Lets Rodeo San Antonio

At the Stock Show and Rodeo by Celia Hayes This wasnt something that we had thought about for ourselves – going to the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo at the ATamp;T Center – but a friend of

The Guadalupe River Texas Parks and Wildlife

The Guadalupe River This story traces the Guadalupe River from its headwaters all the way down to the Gulf, highlighting some of the things you see and can do along the way. For more on Texas

Gardening March 2014

Planning for the Garden By Celia Hayes Once more into the breach, my friends; with the date of the last predicted frost in South Texas historically being in mid-March, its time to get started

Tomato Ketchup Chronicles

Tomato Ketchup Chronicles by Celia Hayes I was inspired by an old blog and Facebook friend, Katie Barry, to have a go at making home-made ketchup this weekend. I had often intended to try it

Kitchen Pantry Shelf Redo

A Spot of Home Reorganization  By Celia Hayes The kitchen pantry in my house is a misnomer. It a small kitchen closet, 25 ¼ inches wide by 27 ½ deep, extending all the way up to the

The Texas State Capital Building

The Peoples House and Senate by Celia Hayes So – after a two-hour long stint in the Texas Authors Association booth at the Texas Book Festival this last weekend, my daughter and I decided that

What to do With Gumbo

Tales of Gumbo by Celia Hayes I may be defeated in my ambitions this year to have bounteous crops of tomatoes and zucchini squash ... but by way of comfort, the peppers of various sorts and the