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No Justice Band calls it quits

I really love my regional music and was blessed with 2 great years in Stillwater, Oklahoma - a mecca and birthplace for Red Dirt music - and another few years around nearby Amarillo. Most bands play

Gonna Get There Someday

I have to give it up to some awesome friends who have kept me extremely busy over the past few weeks. Anniversaries of significant events are always hard, especially when its losing a parent, but its

Steeldrivers - "Where Rainbows Never Die" (Video)

Ive always enjoyed a little bluegrass feel to my music. I love many of the tunes from Oh, Brother Where Art Thou, and Dierks Bentley has an awesome bluegrass infused album. The Steeldrivers are a

First run in a month - Ragnar Relay ahead

Today was my first run since the wreck at the start of June that ended up in a total loss of my pickup. Even though my truck flipped and its been a long ordeal trying to get things back in line, Im

5 Miles and 7 Habits on a Hot Day

Cover via Amazon My goal today was to get 5 miles in at a slow pace. Today is one of the hottest so far this year, so my running went inside for the treadmill. Dont get me wrong. 94 degrees with 15%

4 miles and Aristotle

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle quote(ish) During todays run, I was listening to a bit more of 7 Habits and came across this quote(ish)

2 miles and Real Food Choices

Just what I needed after a long day at the office. I had a lot of reading to catch up on and not a lot of time. Plus it was a bit of a stressful day, so I really enjoyed that my training plan just

Every Mile A Memory

No run today. But definitely a few moments worth sharing. Irrigation season carries on. But what you dont see is all the mosquitoes that will try to eat you alive...

11 miles and then some...

After taking the past two days for rest, I really had some steam to burn off. This morning, bright and early, I caught up on the two miles I was supposed to do yesterday, I kept my pace much better

5 miles and a rainy day

So far this week, Ive literally been on the struggle bus. Monday and Tuesday just havent been the productive work days I had planned and Im not sleeping well, so I had all intentions of tightening the

Pony Trot 10k | Travel Montana

At first glance, I thought this had to be a joke. A listing on the Montana Running calendars was titled the "Pony Trot". Oh, thats a cute name. But, It was only $20 and I had yet to explore much south