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Blackhawk Ultralight 3 Day Assault Pack

I was heading out for a three-day class when I realized I was in need of a sturdy backpack. Blackhawk’s Ultralight 3 Day Assault Pack proved to be just about the perfect size for this

CMMG’s Next Heavy Hitter

Featuring a heavy taper barrel, CMMG ’s new Mk4 HT series of rifles are sure to be a favorite among shooters in search of greater consistency. This new offering is available in 5.56 NATO, .300 AAC

K. L. Null SMZ Shoulder Holster

In the hope of a duplicating the shoulder holster from the ’60s TV show “ I Spy ” on hold, one can’t help but wonder if an alternative exists. But not any shoulder holster

Trijicon HD Night Sights

New from Trijicon are HD Night Sights available for a wide variety of handgun platforms. Featuring a metal body, tritium-phosphor lamps, protective aluminum cylinders and a “U” notch

Mom and Dad: The key to gun violence prevention?

Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts recently introduced a bill that would provide $10 million in tax payer funds to the CDC each year for the next six years so that they can begin studying the

Lessons Learned on the Front Lines of the War on Guns

Update: Andrews, TX Open Carry Come and Take It Texas  members in Andrews County, Texas  are continuing to gain community support even within the Andrews Police Department which has been so

Back-Door Gun

Not long ago, my dog, who has had snake-avoidance training, started barking that “Boss, there’s a snake out here and you’d better come tend to it” bark. As I went out the back door, I

Settling Confusion

In our June issue, we ran a short sidebar on Bison Armory’s Forearm Skin , a rather ingenious device that wraps around the fore-end of an AR-15 to provide a comfortable gripping surface. Now, many

YHM Flip Rear Sight

Weighing only 2.5 ounces, the YHM Flip Rear Sights are a rugged addition to your rifle. For those with an AR-platform rifle, or simply any rifle with a top rail, optics are a natural addition.

Safariland ALS Paddle Holster

A concern with any holster revolves around retention. Most concealment holsters rely on the inherent tension between the body and the belt to hold the firearm snug, or the holster itself is molded to

Battle of Belleau Wood, Remembered

Few places on the planet have deeper meaning for members of the U.S. Marine Corps than the vast wheat fields and dense forest of Belleau Wood in France. The Battle of Belleau Wood began June 1,

Shaving Ounces

While the LCH shown above was shipped without a rail, adding a polymer CAA rail enabled the author to successfully install a weapon light, while still keeping the rifle svelte. While products

In Past Decade, Kentucky CCW Permits Quadruple

As Kentucky lawmakers continue to draft and approve legislation making concealed carry of firearms for personal protection less restrictive and more user-friendly, citizens are responding by applying

Solio Classic 2 Solar Charger

Looking to power your smartphone, tablet or other small electronic device while camping, picnicking or just on the go? The Solio Classic 2 Solar Charger and Battery pack may be just what

Bushnell Elite Tactical SMRS

Tactical optics in particular have come a long way in a short span of time. You do not have to be long in the tooth to remember when most companies’ tactical riflescope options were simple

Mossberg 500/590 Flex

Thanks to choke tubes, an assortment of shell lengths and a variety of shot sizes (not to mention slugs), the 12-gauge shotgun is likely the most versatile firearm on the planet. And, with the recent

A Classic Holster for a Classic Pistol

In my previous installment I discussed the elements that went into identifying and recreating the late Robert Culp’s Walther P38 his character used in the ’60s TV series, “I

Nikon Engineers New 30mm Riflescope For .300 AAC Blackout

Nikon has developed the all-new M-300 BLK riflescope to maximize the effectiveness of the .300 AAC Blackout cartridge while using both supersonic and subsonic ammunition.  Now, shooters have a 30mm

A*B Arms Tavor Fore-end Grip

Contoured for both the support hand and the Tavor, the T*Grip complements IWI's award-winning bullpup. When you have an innovative, award-winning rifle like the IWI US Tavor , a market

CrossBreed Holsters Gun Belt

Next to a quality holster (which CrossBreed Holsters also provides), a top-notch gun belt makes a world of difference for the concealed-carrier. Constructed of two layers of cowhide, the