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Justice Dept Announces New Rules for Seizing Financial Assets

The Justice Department will place new limits on the government’s ability to seize bank accounts and other financial assets, Attorney General Eric Holder said, adding that criminal charges must

George Soros Prepared to Invest $1 Billion in the Country He Helped Destroy

Since at least January of this year, billionaire George Soros has been calling for the West to invest 50 billion euros of aid in Ukraine, to stabilize the country and to undermine Russian

The Case Against Robert Menendez

The Democratic senator from New Jersey faces a long list of charges, centered on his mutually beneficial relationship with Dr. Salomon Melgen.

End-of-Day Wrap-Up: Repercussions

Alaa Al-Marjani/Reuters Whats Happening: Developing Stories The battle for Tikrit: American warplanes commenced airstrikes on the ISIS-held Iraqi town of Tikrit last week following a

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U.S. Defense Secretary: We Might Bomb Iran Even If a Peace Agreement Is Signed

People Want Peace … But the Military-Industrial Complex Wants War U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said that a deal with Iran wouldn’t necessarily prevent war. Military.com

Saudi Dictator’s US-Coordinated Terror-Bombings in Yemen: Updates

  As the Saudi dictator continues his US-coordinated aggression against Yemen: “Erich Ogoso, a spokesman with the United Nations’ humanitarian agency, reported 182 dead and

Clint Eastwood Eyeing Reunion with Leonardo DiCaprio

Clint Eastwood is in talks to reunite with Leonard DiCaprio in a new movie about the Georgia police officer suspected of planting a bomb at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996. DiCaprio’s The Wolf

Are Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs Engaged?

Are Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs engaged? According to T-Pain, they are! The rapper allegedly let the news slip during an interview with Vulture.com after admitting his chances of landing a

Spring Having Sprung

My Tiny Patch of Suburban Paradise Or, at least, it has sprung in this part of the world: the wisteria bloomed, the Spanish jasmine is blooming, everything but the gherkin cucumbers that I

Pennsylvania polling has Rand Paul ahead of Hillary in 2016

By Jana Benscoter | Watchdog Arena Pennsylvania is in play for its 2016 presidential election. Philadelphia has been the chosen location for the Democratic National Convention, and Democrats could

Rhode Island considers education savings accounts

By Mary C. Tillotson | Watchdog.org Rhode Island lawmakers are considering two bills that would allow families to obtain state-funded Bright Today Scholarship Accounts, modeled after

This Conservative Anti-Tax Utopia Is Imploding

Kansas continues to bleed revenue. Two weeks after the delusional Gov. Sam Brownback proclaimed in a radio interview that Kansas’ experiment in supply-side economics was “ working,

Washington school shooter’s dad faces felony charges for illegal gun

Raymond Lee Fryberg, 42, was arrested on Tuesday this week and charged with unlawful possession of a firearm by a prohibited person. According to authorities, Fryberg unlawfully acquired the

Boko Haram uses children as human bombs, ‘expendable cannon fodder’ – UN chief

“Bodies of children around 12 years old have been found strewn across such battlefields,” the United Nations human rights chief Zeid Raad Al Hussein said at the UN Human Rights Council session

Amnesty says Gambia has sentenced 3 to death for coup plot, calls for penalty to be commuted

A human rights group says Gambia has sentenced three soldiers to death after a secret trial in which they were convicted of participating in an attempted coup.

Analysis: Yemen ground operation carries risks, from hostile terrain to guerrilla warfare

Saudi Arabia and its allies plan an ambitious ground offensive on multiple fronts in Yemen.

Miliband on music, cricket – and the Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Ed Miliband sat down with Absolute Radio’s Geoff Lloyd today, and was question on his taste in music, whether or not he’s a geek – and (because there’s an election on)

Sen. Robert Menendez indicted

New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez has been indicted . After a more than two-year investigation, Menendez faces charges for what prosecutors believe were improper efforts by Menendez to help

Will Republicans write a letter to Mother Earth telling her Obamas climate plans will be reversed?

White House chart on proposed emissions. When the deadline was reached Tuesday, just six governments had submitted plans for reducing their climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions: the